3020 Series

3020 Series

Product Features

High heat resistant EMC package

Compact package size specification

High chromogenic CRI>80

High light efficiency

Low thermal resistance

High current resistance drive
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EMC Introduction

EMC is a highly integrated framework encapsulated by modified Epoxy materials and etching technology in Molding equipment. 

Etching copper substrate enables Epoxy to have a larger contact area with copper substrate brackets, Compared with PPA and other thermoplastic plastics, EMC has a stronger adhesive force, which makes EMC products have an advantage in moisture-proof and red ink penetration. 

The packaging form originates from IC packaging, but is different from IC packaging. 

Due to the change of material and structure, EMC products are characterized by high heat resistance, UV resistance, high integration, high current bearing, small size and so on.

Product application

Traditional lighting replacement

General lighting

Advertising backlight and TV backlight

Outdoor / building lighting