LED Mine Lighting

LED Mine Lighting

Product Features
1. Low glare to solve lighting problems in factory facade operation.

2. Excellent quality with graphene technology. 50000h life expectancy, 5 years warranty

3. Higher Lumen, up to 120lm /W or more.

4.IP65, structural waterproofing.

5. Surface spray treatment, long lasting

6. Simple and novel appearance

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Item No. Power Color temperature(k) Luminous flux(lm) CRI Life Working voltage
IP65 低眩光工矿灯 100W 3000/4000/6000k 12000 lm ≧80 80000H 220-260V 50/60Hz
150W 3000/4000/6000k 18000 lm ≧80 80000H 220-260V 50/60Hz
200W 3000/4000/6000k 24000 lm ≧80 80000H 220-260V 50/60Hz